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This website would not be complete without acknowledging the work of Dr. Sally Spencer. Sally passed away in July, 2019, after spending four dedicated years creating, promoting, and coaching teachers in the Literate Adolescents Intervention Program (LAIP). The LAIP team dedicates this website to Sally in honor of her memory and outstanding contributions to the field of literacy.

Sally was a passionate teacher and professor. She was a sought-after expert in teaching literacy skills to struggling readers of all age levels. She authored and co-authored several books, created new and innovative programs for students

in Special Education K-12 settings and for teacher-candidates at the university, lectured nationally and internationally, and received several awards and grants.

Sally was particularly proud of the connections she maintained with her former students and their families, both from her time as an elementary teacher and then later, as a professor working with teacher candidates. She was always willing and honored to serve as an advocate or advisor when needed. Sally was as loved as she was loving. 


When not serving the CSUN community, Sally volunteered as an animal advocate with Best Friends Animal Society.  She found great joy in her assortment of adopted animals, including Hobbes, a Macaw, and her most recent dogs, Cherry, Ryder and Hannah, and cats, MistyMay and Bat Girl.

Sally is remembered for her dedication to her students, her passion for animal welfare, and her gracious and giving spirit.  Sally left a legacy of joy, engagement in instruction, and innovation in educational practices.  Her energy and positivity, combined with her true dedication to making the world a better place for people and animals, were unsurpassed. She will be remembered as a beloved wife, sister, aunt, friend, colleague, teacher, professor, and mentor.  She is survived by her husband of 29 years, Layne; her sisters, Beth and Ginny; and her niece, Tillie.

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